Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pumpkin Fluff....Two Ways

Thanksgiving in February? You would would think so by my next couple posts. How about we start with dessert first? This is a WW staple as I am told and is a good base with which to be creative! Here is what I did with pumpkin fluff:

Pumpkin Fluff.....Two Ways

1- 15 oz. can of pumpkin
1 small box of instant sugar free vanilla pudding
1- 8 oz. container thawed, light or fat free whipped topping
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

In a bowl blend pumpkin and dry vanilla pudding mix until light. Add spice and blend well to distribute evenly. Fold in whipped topping and refrigerate until serving. Add some milk to thin out if needed.

Now is your time to be creative. Here are some things you can do:

*Make a parfait

*Sandwich it (I wrapped mine in plastic wrap and froze them)

*Put it in a graham cracker crust

*Make it a dip for gingersnaps

Can you think of any other ways to use this fluff? Have fun!

2 cups of fluff=2 points.


  1. These are delicious looking desserts/treats! Have to try them.

    I'm just dropping by to let you know I have another give-away contest running on my LDS blog this week
    at Not Entirely British.

    THREE prizes this time - books and a CD from LDS author/speaker Sarah Hinze. Here's a snippet from her
    website: "Sarah's own healing experience prompted her and her husband, Brent Hinze, Ph.D., to embark
    on their search nearly twenty years ago. For two decades, she interviewed individuals and chronicled what she calls "prebirth experiences," or communication from children before they are born. Her work has provided solid evidence that unborn children can warn, protect, and enlighten us from another plane of existence."

  2. Can you please post the recipe you use for your fluff? I heard there were many variations. Thanks!

  3. The picture of Robbie peeking over the table is so adorable, Melo I can see it on your cover of the cookbook you should get published! ;)


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