Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Upside Down Taco Bellies

This is a lightened-up version of a family favorite: The Taco Belly

The original Taco Belly featured a layer of Frito corn chips on your plate, followed by steaming, hot chili and then topped with all the classic taco toppings such as cheese, olives, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes (never on mine!) and onions.

I always liked this dinner until the taco belly got a bad rap and we stopped having it for a while. How did it get a bad rap do you ask? Well, basically it went down like this. After eating taco bellies, my family went to the church to a big musical production in which my Dad had an important role. The lights were dim, we were in about the fifth row and the musical was in full force. All of a sudden, my brother, Mike, started to moan and lean forward in his chair and said, "Mom, I feel sick". My mom, being the selfless person that she is, quickly grabbed her keys out of her purse and let Mike do what he needed to do. In her purse. Was it the singing? Was it the taco bellies? I don't think we'll ever know! But there is one thing I do know........

It's time to bring the taco belly back! (Lightened up of course!)

Upside Down Taco Bellies

This is for one taco belly. Adjust ingredients according to how many you want to make.

Finely sliced iceberg lettuce (Zero points! Go crazy!)
1/2 cup canned chili (Hormel came to 2 points)
1 Tbsp shredded cheese (1 point or less if reduced fat)
2 Tbsp fat free sour cream (Zero points)
3 olives, sliced (6 olives are listed as 1 point so...less than 1 point)
Tomatoes (Zero)
Onion (Zero)
15 Frito corn chips (2 points)

Put your lettuce in a shallow bowl or plate. Heat chili in the microwave until heated through and pour on top of the lettuce. Top with cheese, sour cream, olives and other free toppings. Finally, add the fritos to the top for some nice crunch.

Enjoy! (And don't think about the story I told you while you eat! Just think about all that goodness for only 5 points!)


  1. Hey, awesome blog. Thanks for visiting mine and entering my contest. We will choose a winner in the morning.
    I lost 40 pounds doing the Biggest Loser online program from about Sept. 07 to about April 08. Still working (but baking too much!) on the final 20 I want to lose. Love the idea of a cheat day and cute name for your blog!

  2. hahaha love this post, I miss your posts, can't wait to see more! Razzle Dazzle? hahaha I love it! I guess your mom threw out the purse? LOL thanks for your stories!


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