Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pretzel Scotchmallow

I grew up in Southern California. I now live in the East. Do you know one of the things I miss?

I miss going to the mall with my parents and them saying that they "need" something at See's Candies. Have you ever tried See's? is perfection!

We would go in the bright white and black shop and choose a piece of chocolate to take home. When I was much younger, I would always get a chocolate or butterscotch lollipop. But as my taste buds matured and I branched out, I discovered the Scotchmallow. Chewy caramel and fluffy marshmallow enveloped in thick dark or milk chocolate. Heaven!

So, since I don't get to See's very easily anymore, I decided that I better learn to make my own scotchmallows.

What you need if you want to make the whole recipe: (100 +)

I just made the caramel and made the pretzel scotchmallows, chocolate caramel pretzel bites, and with the extra caramel I cut it in bite size pieces and wrapped them in wax paper. This caramel goes a long way!

caramel ingredients

small pretzels (1 bag)

2 bags of big marshmallows cut in half (stood them up and cut with scissors through the middle)

(5 bags) chocolate candy coating like Wilton or melted chocolate chips

Decorations to put on top

Here is how it is done:

1. Make a batch of this caramel.

2. Pour it into (2) 9"X13" glass casserole dishes and put in refrigerator to cool completely.

3. Place pretzels on wax paper on cookie sheet.

4. Cut a piece of caramel to fit on top of the the pretzel. The caramel is soft, so the pretzel is needed to corral it and keep it from spreading as it softens.

5. Place a cut marshmallow on top of the caramel topped pretzel.

6. Repeat with as many pretzels and marshmallows as you need.

7. Place cookie sheets in freezer or fridge to firm up again.

8. Melt chocolate until smooth in a deep bowl. I use my Pyrex 4 cup class measuring cup.

9. Use a toothpick to pierce the top of a marshmallow and pick up the candy. Dip in the melted chocolate. Don't worry about getting the top completely covered.

10. Have some wax paper laid out on another cookie sheet.

11. Use another toothpick to help free the candy and place it on the waxed paper to harden.

12. Dip a spoon in some chocolate and use it to cover the top of the marshmallow.

13. Decorate immediately if you are using sprinkles so the chocolate doesn't harden.

14. Store in the refrigerator.

This looks like a lot of steps, but believe me. They are worth it! It's nice too, to be able to use one recipe to make a variety of things. I'm going to make the caramel one more time to make this awesome gooey popcorn.

Happy candy making!!!!

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  1. Wow wee!!! Those candies look great. I don't live near a See's, but what a fun place to visit. Wouldn't it be so much fun to have a candy shop? Everyone is happy while visiting one!!

  2. wow each one of these treats of yours is better than the one before....

  3. i totally remember see's. my mom would hide a box under her bed when we were kids! lol, those are some delicious looking chocolates!

  4. Yum, yum and yum!
    I just made chocolate covered (sandwich style) Ritz crackers with pb and marshmallow creme inside. SO good! I saw the idea on Taste of Home website.
    The caramel sounds de-lish!

  5. wow, these look amazing! The marshmallows look so squishy and yummy!

  6. We have See's candy shops in Portland and they have some of the best candy ever. I think yours is a great homemade recipe, great job Melody!

  7. Umm...let me wipe off my keyboard real quick...cause I just drooled all over it!!! YUMMMMM!

  8. I love See's candies! I used to have them when I lived in Tucson. I was thinking of ordering from them today. These look so incredibly good! Your such an excellent candy maker.

  9. This sounds like a fabulous treat!!! Nice idea.

  10. I've never had See's but heard its awesome.

  11. Wow, that picture looks delicious! You really sold me on this one!

  12. These look so cute and I love this combination of flavors!


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