Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Baking Party with Activity and Game Ideas!

Last week was my daughter's "friend" birthday party. We usually let them have a "friend" birthday party every other year. For her 10th birthday, McKenna wanted to have a baking party. So this is what we did:

I found some paper chef hats at Michaels and got out some of my alphabet and fun stickers so that the kids could decorate their hats while waiting for everyone to show up.

Once everyone was there, I taught them how to make a cute cherry or blueberry pie cupcake. I had the cupcakes already made so all they had to do is:

Frost it,

put the M&M's on,

make some diagonals one way,

then the other way,

Then make the line around the whole cupcake. Isn't that so easy?

I used white frosting and added a couple drops of yellow food coloring and then added some cocoa powder to make the crust colored frosting. Btw, I got this idea from the book, What's New Cupcake? So many creative ideas!

I bought some cupcake boxes from the Dollar Tree so they could take the cupcakes home and show their parents. There were 2 cupcakes boxes per pack.

This is how I helped the kids with the piping of the frosting:

I put about 1/5th of the frosting in a freezer bag and made sure the frosting was all in one corner.

Then I folded the sides and top down and used packing tape to secure the fold. Now you just cut a small hole in the tip and you have a piping bag to make the crust on your cupcake! There was one bag for every two people.

For the games, we played:

Eat the Doughnut on the String Game- For this game, you will need one long piece of string (about 10 feet) and several shorter pieces of string of equal length (about 2 feet long); you will need enough to have one short piece for each player. You will also need a package of miniature donuts. To set up the game, hang a string horizontally from one side of the room to another (outdoors, you can string it between two trees or fences). Tie a doughnut to the end of each of the shorter string lengths and then tie the shorter strings to the horizontal length so that the donuts dangle. Line the kids so that each one is in front of a doughnut. The object is to be the first player to eat your doughnut--without using your hands! So funny to watch!

Bakers Relay Race- Have two teams lined up with an apron, oven mits, a spoon and an egg for each team. When the race begins, the first person has to put on the apron and oven mits, pick up the egg and put it on the spoon and run to a predetermined target. Then they turn around and head back towards their team. If they drop the egg they have to go back to the beginning. Once safely back to the team, they take off the apron and oven mits and the next person has to put them on and do the same course. Repeat until all have raced. First team finished, wins!

Kitchen Memory- Put a bunch of kitchen gadgets on a table or on a cookie sheet. Have all the kids take a good look and try to memorize everything on the table. You might have to go one by one and name the objects. Give them about a minute to look at the stuff. After 1 minute, cover the objects and have them write down everything they remember. The person who remembered the most, wins!

This was a really fun party and I think the kids really enjoyed themselves! I was able to prepare everything ahead of time, so the only thing that stressed me out was that I had a bunch of kids running around my house with a sugar buzz! Luckily it was a beautiful day and I could send them outside to play!

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  2. such good idea, i'll definitely be coming back next party i throw!

  3. That is so lovely. Even at my age I’d like someone to throw a party like that for me.

  4. I'm definitely going to have fun doing this project with my granddaughters! Thank You!
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