Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to my Home Part 2

I wish that I had some before pictures! My daughters room was a cream, generic, came with the house paint color. We painted it with "A Day at the Jewelry Store" and woke the room right up! We made her a custom desk using a pre fab piece of Formica counter top and then put up the white book shelves. Perfect for that little nook area.

She is currently obsessed with Paris and especially the Eiffel Tower, so that made it easy to decorate!

For the boy's room we gave it a sports theme. Namely the Cowboys, but Jimmer made his way into the room thanks to my dad!

I still have some work I need to do, but I'm happy with how the rooms turned out. Now if only they could stay clean!!!!

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  1. Cute!!! I love the paint in your daughter's room. I'm obsessed with that color right now. Thanks for sharing: )

  2. so pretty, it looks great! i love the blue tones, very soothing.

    we have one year left year, let the countdown begin! actually it's going to be so sad to go.

  3. My girls really like your daughter's room. :) What is "A Day at the Jewelry Store"?

  4. Hey Helen! That is the name of the paint. I think it's by Valspar. It's such a great color!

  5. My daughter loves that turquoise color! So cute!


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